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 We are excited to announce that we are back online with an all new website. Our hope is to be able to connect you better with what is happening in Nicaragua. 







Since it is almost November, we are making a list of things that we are thankful for this month...


Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. James 1:17

The community of El Menco has a new deep well with an unlimited supply of clean water thanks to FIEMCA-Global CHE and the team from "Drops of Grace". The people there are so thankful for this huge blessing!








The preschool is now a part of the "One Egg Program", which was created by our friends, Brandon and Hannah Weidman at Beto's Bistro. Each student receives one egg a day, 7 days a week. The extra protein is so important in their brain development at this age.






The preschoolers are wrapping up the school year and we will hold a promotion ceremony for them at the beginning of December. I'm so proud of them for learning 5 songs in English to sing for their parents at this celebration! We are also so thankful to the Peak at The Summit Church for providing uniforms for the oldest students who will be going on to the 1st grade next year. 



Our friend Maria, from Boaco, ha s been given a clean bill of health from her doctor and weighs almost 100 pounds now! While she has been here recovering, her husband, back up in the mountains, has given his life to Christ and is being discipled by the pastor there. They are anxious to reunite and begin their life together again. We will be taking Maria and her girls back up to Boaco with FIEMCA-Global CHE to live on November 14. Please continue to pray for this sweet family. You can read more about Maria's story HERE.


 Thanks to Rick Bro wning, the vocational school can add one more thing to their curriculum. He visited in August and taught Cory and Saul the basics of welding.



The students, alongside the team from The Summit church,  used the new welder to create desks for the computer lab. There are a lot of exciting projects planned using wood and steel together for the future.




A lot of the Martin family have been a bit sick during the past month, but are now feeling much better. We finally have some answers on Amelie's condition and it appears to be food allergy related. She spent about 10 weeks feeling completely miserable. It is a huge answer to prayer to finally know what was causing her condition. Stacy and Ella had dengue fever as well, but are on the mend now and gaining back their strength a little more each day. 

Please pray for....

  • We know that there is a lot of anxiety over the American election to be held on November 8, but please keep our Nicaraguan election (November 6) in your prayers as well. We are praying for a peaceful voting process on this day.




  • We are adding to our family!!!!  (A niece, that is....) Our housekeeper of 4 years, Mayouri, will be having her baby sometime in mid November. She has had a lot of complications during her pregnancy and we are praying for a safe delivery. 

  • A woman from our church had a bad stroke last week and is not doing well now at all. She is only 56 years old and has been a strong leader at Iglesia Bethania for many years. Please pray for her full recovery.

We are going to start raising money for a new Impact Nica vehicle. Our 1998 Landcruiser is just not reliable anymore. We have tried to patch it up many times over the past few years, but we still never know for sure if it will start for us or leave us stranded somewhere. We need something reliable to carry us to the remote locations we visit AND back home again.  Pray that God provides for us!

Upcoming Travel for the Christmas season

We are coming to the States again this Christmas!!! We would love to get together and visit with you. Send us a message and we can put a date on the calendar. Here is our schedule... 

Florida: November 21-27

North Carolina: November 29-December 13

Michigan: December 18-January 14



 We will be selling coffee once again to raise money for children's Christmas gifts in Nicaragua. You can also give towards the Christmas gift program online for tax credit HERE.





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