Beginning 2017 with good news...



We have very exciting news!!! As many of you know, our truck is a nightmare. It is 19 years old and it quits working at least once a month. It has left us stranded in some rather remote places on several occasions. 



We pour $100-200 each month into this truck just to keep it going. And the stress from the breakdowns is something else entirely! We decided it was time to get serious about fundraising for a new one since so much of what we do is dependent on us transporting people and supplies to different locations and transporting them back again safely. 
















(It took the 6 guys pictured above over 8 hours just to change a lightbulb! And it still doesn’t work.)

Our hope is to purchase a truck that is less than 10 years old. Taking into consideration that vehicles cost significantly more in Nicaragua (import taxes), we need at least $12,000. We can hopefully sell our current one for about $5,000, which leaves $7,000 more to raise. On January 9, Saginaw Valley Community Church in Michigan blew us away by giving us $4,000 to go towards a new truck.  





Will you pray together with us for the remaining $3,000 necessary to purchase a reliable vehicle? We actually have someone who is willing right now to buy our current vehicle at the hoped for price. God has shown us time and time again that He will provide for our needs and we are trusting that He will do that in this case also. 



 We would like to introduce the newest member of our team, Ryan “Pablo” Burger. Ryan is the son of our pastoral care couple from CTEN. He has been working as a missionary in Guatemala for the past 6 years and now he is doing to spend a couple of  months with us.


Ryan has extensive carpentry and electrical experience. He will be assisting Cory with teaching and discipling in the woodworking classes and working with Pastor Emilio on electrical issues on the church grounds. We are so grateful for his help and look forward to growing the woodworking program while he is here. 


We are busy doing lesson plans and preparing for the start of our school year next month. Please pray for wisdom for us as we plan the year and choose the new apprentice students. 

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