We have very exciting news to announce…..


Caleb, Eunice, and Timoteo are coming to North Carolina with us in December!!!  All of you who already know them will get a chance to say hello and those of you who do not know them yet, will have the opportunity to meet them. We want them to share first-hand about what God is doing in Nicaragua. We are hoping to raise $2000 to pay for their trip. If you would like to help us out with this expense, you can contribute HERE. Thank you!!

These are NOT small graves!!!


This is an agriculture class in action, taught by a gentleman with 40 years of experience studying ancient farming techniques of the indigenous people. Our hope for the local farming community is that they will take the things they learned in this class, back to their farms and utilize them. Mel Landers teaches the farmers how to diversify their crops and fight pests and plague naturally and organically. His methods are really important for farmers during the drought years when they need to conserve water. The farmers here are still recovering from droughts of 2015 and 2016. We are excited to experiment this year on our own farm and try out his new ideas.

















This is Mesias Church


...located in the department (state) of Leon. It’s a tiny church located far from any big city or proper road. This church is special to Pastor Emilio because he used to care for this small congregation 35 years ago while he attended seminary. Their current pastor has left and the church and community is without leadership. So the Iglesia Bethania youth began visiting Iglesia Mesias once a month to hold a worship service and reach out to the people there until they can find new leadership. We are so proud of these kids! 


We tried something new this past month.


We had never before used a “GoFundMe” to raise money. We didn’t really know what would happen, but you all are making it a success! We have currently raised $500 for Sonia to begin a jewelry business. Many of you own a piece of Sonia’s jewelry already and know what incredible talent she has for her craft. If you would like to contribute, HERE is a link. Thank you!!! This woman and her family are so deserving of this opportunity.


 Prayer requests for the month of June:

1) There is a little girl in the preschool, Stephanie, who is very ill. We aren’t sure what it is exactly, but please pray for her health.

2) Hermana Catalina is very ill with a bacterial infection. She has not left her bed in weeks and she is terribly thin. We are thankful to finally know the cause of the problem though. The hospital refused to treat her because of her age, but we persisted and found a private clinic that could properly diagnosis her. 


3) The rainy season is here and with it the risk of mosquito borne illnesses like dengue, chikungunya, and zika. While these are bad enough, what we are really worried about is the yellow fever outbreak in South America. Please pray with us that this new illness does not spread and enter our borders as well. Currently, there is a worldwide shortage of the yellow fever vaccine.

4) Lately, wherever we go, we run into missionaries who are Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons. Please pray that the people here will not be confused by these alternate doctrines. We feel a sense of urgency to reach the people in our community now more than ever. 









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