2 Timothy 2:2 And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.


This month we want to introduce the guys that Cory and Ryan are working with in the vocational program.​  




Meet Josue



Many of you who have come on teams have met and worked alongside Josue.  Josue is almost 16 years old and has been an apprentice in the carpentry shop for 1 1/2 years now. He lives with his mom, step-father, and little sister, Anaya. His father left when he was very young and even though he lives in the next town, he has no relationship with him. 

Josue has been serving at the church for years already. He works in our Saturday classes teaching boys between the ages of 7 and 14. They learn how to make things, play sports, and even do small science experiments together. He leads the Bible study with the boys and is teaching kids about God who are not regularly a part of our church. He also sings during worship. His grandfather used to be the church’s worship director, so it is really special that he is taking on this role. 

Josue works side by side with Ryan Burger on a daily basis. Sometimes they learn how to do new things and sometimes they fix whatever is broken at the church. They are the “go to guys” at Bethania Iglesia and we would be lost without them.  They never say no to a project request if it is in their ability to accomplish it. Ryan has really stepped in and become the father figure that Josue needed so badly in his life through this day to day training. 

Josue comes from a very poor family and he doesn’t have much hope of attending university and beginning a career one day. The skills he is learning daily in the carpentry shop will give him what he needs in order to succeed and support his family. His hope is to one day be a full-time carpenter/welder and make products that can be sold.






 Meet Franklin

Franklin is 25 years old and incredibly timid. The reason for this is that he is deaf and mute. He has lived in our area his whole life, but only recently began to attend the youth group at Bethania. Franklin traveled with us to El Menco to help build the church roof in July. He lives with his mother and grandmother. His father left the family many years ago. 

Franklin hasn’t been to school because there weren’t schools or programs around for him to attend when he was growing up. He can’t read, can’t do sign language, and can only communicate the basics with his family through their own system of hand motions. He pretends to understand when you talk to him because he wants to be accepted so badly. This kid’s humble attitude has won us over and we want to help him. 

His grandmother shared with us that he can hear some louder sounds (sirens, yelling, etc..) with a hearing aid. He was given one years ago, but it broke. One of our July team members petitioned an audiologist in North Carolina to replace it and they will be sending another in September. We are so incredibly thankful for this gift!

Franklin will begin sign language and reading lessons in the next few weeks. It’s hard to believe, but he has never even read or heard one verse from the Bible! He will also begin working as Cory and Ryan’s new apprentice in the carpentry shop. There aren’t really any career options for a guy like Franklin, and we want to give him a chance to learn a trade. He is 
incredibly excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to begin.



Current carpentry shop needs:

The carpentry shop recently made some essential oil boxes for DoTerra fans. If anyone would like to order one of these boxes, the cost is $50. It will take a little bit of time to get them to our customers, but our hope is that we could have them sent back and delivered to you by the end of October. This is something that Josue and Franklin can do which will support their families now.


-A sign language/reading tutor for Franklin: $100 a month for a year

-A table saw: $1500 (The last major machine needed for the shop)

-Wood and metal supplies: $100 is needed monthly for ongoing classes


Prayer requests this month:

-Gavin and Dayana left for college on August 24. Gavin is starting his second year at Calvin and Dayana will be starting her first at Grand Valley State University. We are so thankful that her paperwork, funding, and everything came in just in time. We seriously didn’t know if she would go until less than a week before they left. Now we just need to pray that the Michigan winter doesn’t scare her back to Nicaragua.


-We have a medical team arriving September 15 to do clinics in our communities. These doctors work so hard and handle such crazy stuff over the course of a week. Pray for strength for them and pray that we will be able to reach our patients with the message of God’s love as well.


-Yolanda, Paola, and Joel travelled to Guatemala for the entire month of September to attend a training seminar with ECS-GCE/FIEMCA. We are excited for them to have this opportunity to learn new things that they can use in our community development programs. Please pray for their safety during the long bus ride through Honduras and El Salvador.


-Kathy graduated from law school!!!! We are so proud of her and want you to pray with us as she begins her career as a lawyer.


-Saul's dad was hit by a car and broke his hip. He needs a hip replacement and that tends to take a while in the Nicaraguan hospitals. Please pray for this to come through quickly and his fast healing.


-Cory has developed an issue in one eye, called central serous maculopathy, which means that he is partially blind in that eye right now. We were really worried at first that he had permanently damaged his eye while working, but have learned that this is common and will go away on it’s own most likely within three months or so. There are treatment options available if it gets worse, but they involve injections in the eye which are absolutely terrifying! Please pray that it clears up soon since it is making driving and other things much more difficult.

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