Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4





It was always a dream for me, Caleb Urbina, to visit the United States. This dream finally happened

in December of 2017.  My family went to North Carolina for 13 days to visit The Summit Church. It was a very long trip because we missed our connection in Miami. We then had to take three more planes to get to our destination. That was ok because after all, I wanted to see the United States and God gave us a long tour in three different cities.



We arrived in Baltimore at last!  When we left the airport, we could feel the blow in our body from the immense cold. The temperature was only four  degrees centigrade. We had never experienced anything similar to this weather before. In this city, Cory rented a very nice van. Our plan was to get North Carolina that night, but first we passed very quickly by Washington D.C. This is an extremely beautiful city with many buildings, many beautiful monuments, and amazing lights. We had to sleep in a hotel in Washington because it got too late and the tiredness took over. 

We managed to arrive on December 2 to Kernersville, North Carolina where the Loflin family hosted us in their warm home. This family is very special to Eunice and I. We want to thank them for the long conversations until late at night talking about ministry, church planting, and many other topics. I am also thankful because each member of this family spent time playing with my son, Timoteo. At every moment they made us feel special and I can see that this is a family that has a great love for God and for their neighbor.



Kernersville is a very beautiful and very calm place. It was strange for us to not see people walking in the streets or on bicycles, or see dogs and horse carts in the middle of the road. I noticed that there are many churches which I think is a blessing. The people are all very educated and talented. This town looks like a conservative place, but they let a lot of women drive! In fact, the roles of men and women are all turned around there.

I also noticed that life goes very fast and the people are very busy most of the time. I sometimes got the impression that people intentionally forced the end of the conversation because they had other things to do.


I enjoyed my time getting to know The Summit Church. This is a healthy church that is doing an excellent job in the three cities where they have churches. I could see that they are always looking for excellence and are taking good care of their people, both spiritually and physically. In all three campuses, they have good future growth plans. Technology is something very impressive at The Summit Church. The lights, cameras, screens, instruments and all of the rest is being used to glorify and serve God and reach more people for Christ. I pray that this will continue like this and

technology will never become the main thing or the most important thing in the church.


The Summit Church is also involved in many serve projects in North Carolina and they support many missions in different countries like Nicaragua and Burkina Faso.  In this way, The Summit Church is meeting the command in Matthew 28 of going to the nations. I want to thank The Summit Church's pastors (Jonathan, Andy, Brian, Gene, Chris, Ike, Austin, and Gina) for the time they set aside to teach me. I learned a lot about performance, planning, culture, organization, counseling, music, working with young people, methods of evangelism, etc. I would also like to thank Chris Applegate and Phillip Isley for allowing me to share the Word in Impact. I really enjoyed this experience.


















Eunice and I want to thank all of the friends who invited us into their homes to eat and those who invited us to different restaurants to enjoy of the delicious foods of North Carolina. We appreciate also all the friends who came to talk to us after the service at Oak Ridge and Kernersville and those who gave us gifts too.


 God also gave us the miracle of seeing the snow fall. This was incredibly special for us to see how the fields and the houses are covered all in white. This is like the grace of God covering our sins. Thank you very much to everyone who donated so that we could travel to the USA and Cory and Stacy who organized every detail for this trip. I think it goes without saying how much we love and appreciate the Martins and know them very well.




May everyone have a Happy New Year! Until the next time, North Carolina!!





You guys helped us raise $1500 to buy toys and food for over 300 children! For many of these kids, this was the only gift they received and their first new toy ever. Everyone who bought coffee and gave, brought so much joy to the children in each of our churches. Muchas gracias a todos!!!

The children in El Menco

 The children in San Antonio

The children in Mesias 
















The children in San Marcos


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