April 15 Weekend DeBrief

Quote of the week: “Necesitas relajar mas!” -said by me to a tired mama we visited this week who was telling us about all of her work. The phrase means “You need to relax more”, but unfortunately the listener heard me say “Necesitas bajar mas!”-which means “You need to lose more weight.”  Now she is asking for diet advice….



In 2017, you all helped us by giving towards a GoFundMe for Sonia's new house and business. You all bought jewelry that she made and advertised/sold it to others. Because of all of your help, she is ready to open her new store. She has been building it herself, literally brick by brick, alongside her husband, brothers, and many others. 



The plan is to eventually have a two-story structure and the family will live upstairs. Right now, they live in the back two bedrooms of the house and the front of the house is for doing business. The outdoor bamboo kitchen is still under construction out back. However, they did have time to put in a pool. This whole house is about 4 times bigger than their last place, even without the second floor added. 



Sonia's store will sell things that she makes, like jewelry, piñatas, hair bows, and other crafts. She will also sell stuff that other people from our church make, like cloth purses, paper gift bags, and items made of wood. She will have a used clothing section too. She bought a deep freezer which she will use to sell popsicles and ice cream treats that she makes. Their family is famous for their "Tutti Frutti" punch, which is a combination of fruits: banana, melon, papaya, and orange. It's amazing!! On a hot Nicaraguan day, these cool treats are big business.  
























Sonia's biggest vision for this store is to create a party planning headquarters. If you know the people of Nicaragua, you know that they love to celebrate. Birthdays, weddings, Mother's Day....it's all huge deal here. Sonia will offer party packages which include the candy, piñata, cake, food, decorations, Quinciñera dress, and even the entertainment. (Being a clown is one of her unknown talents!)










































She already had a central location because her mother's house is located on a the main highway. Her mother had some property beside it perfect for this business. This will also enable Sonia to assist her mother in caring for her grandchildren, while her mother assists Sonia in running the store.  Her mother (also named Sonia) will be making hot food to sell and hopes to have a small cafe area available beside the store. 




This whole project is so encouraging for the women Sonia teaches. She has been talking to them about "micropremdimiento" which translates to "micro-entrepeneurship". She wants to teach women how to make things and then also what to do with what they've made-how to turn it into a livelihood. This business is a great place for her to model this philosophy for her students. It's also a place where they can sell their products and begin their own businesses. 

















 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.  Colossians 3:23

*written while sitting in the truck so that I can enjoy a few moments of AC.

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